What is Vellum Advantage?

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For the borrower….

Vellum Advantage is a streamlined digital mortgage experience. Through our application portal, borrowers are able to authenticate their assets in a safe and secure manner. From this authentication, Vellum Advantage is able to calculate a monthly income figure. This figure is accepted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and eliminates the need for income documents, such as pay stubs, W-2 forms and tax returns. No documentation requirements can allow for a same day underwriting approval.

Vellum Advantage provides the advantage needed in todays’ competitive real estate market. Being approved quickly can eliminate the need for a financing contingency when writing a contract in todays’ competitive home purchase environment. Less contingencies make for a stronger contract to the seller.

Looking to refinance? Vellum Advantage has allowed many to close in just two weeks. Many borrowers also receive an appraisal waiver, which makes the process even faster. While most companies are taking up to 120 days to close a refinance transaction, we can often make it happen in less than two weeks!

For the realtor….

Vellum Advantage takes the uncertainty out of home buying. Your clients are able to remove financing contingencies, making their offer stronger than the next. The digital loan process removes the need for loan approval status calls and any uncertainty of closing within a quick timeframe. All we need is an appraisal, if required, homeowners insurance, and information from the settlement company, that’s it! Strengthen your clients contract with Vellum Advantage.

mortgage lender
mortgage lender

For the Loan Officer….

Vellum Advantage is the perfect tool to increase your business. For purchases, your realtors and clients will rave at how smooth the lending process is at Vellum. Vellum Advantage is the next step in mortgage lending and your competitors don’t have the capability to provide this advantage. Each transaction becomes a referral partner, as realtors and borrowers share their streamlined experience with other realtors, friends and family.

For refinances, Vellum Advantage allows more transactions to close. No documentation requests, combined with an appraisal waiver, allows for a two week closing window. Imagine your client sharing their refinance experience with a friend when they were told by another mortgage company that they are unable to close for 120 days due to operational capacity. At Vellum, it’s different. Each transaction has a strong likelihood of referring another transaction. Rate renegotiations go away and requests for updates to loan documents are eliminated.

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