Getting Pre-Approved Should Be Your First Step

Many potential homebuyers underestimate their purchasing power and overestimate the down payment and credit scores needed to qualify for a mortgage today. Completing a quick and easy pre-approval is the first step in determining all mortgage options available to you.

Benefits of being Verified by Vellum:

  • Gain Confidence & Feel Secure
    Verified by Vellum is being fully educated on the mortgage process and knowing which options best suits your needs.
  • Experience Matters
    Our loan officers are experienced and well-suited to provide the best custom solutions for your specific financial story.
  • Increase Negotiating Power
    Being Verified by Vellum provides security to the seller when presenting an offer. With no concerns about your ability to purchase the home, your offer will stand out amongst the others.
  • Enjoy a Faster Closing Period
    Being Verified by Vellum may allow you to close in as few as 8 days. A quick closing can sometimes be the difference in your offer being selected.

Verified by Vellum streamlines the homebuying process and allows you to shop with confidence. We are excited to share in your homebuying experience.

Apply online or contact us to be VERIFIED by VELLUM today!

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