Grants & Down Payment Assistance Programs

A 2017 Zillow survey of 10,000 American adults found that two-in-three people who were then renting identified saving for a down payment as their biggest obstacle to homeownership.

If you want to become a homeowner, but you don’t have enough cash for a down payment, a state or local down payment assistance program might be able to help. Most states and many counties and cities offer grants and no-interest loans to help first-time homebuyers pay for down payments and closing costs.

How do down payment assistance programs work?

Down payment assistance (DPA) programs help homebuyers with loans or grants that reduce the amount they need to save for a down payment. The help comes through state housing finance agencies as well as city and county government programs aimed at meeting affordable housing needs. Often the programs are offered in combination with mortgages geared to first-time home buyers.

There are four main types of down payment assistance programs:

  1. Loans that have to be paid down along with your first (main) mortgage
  2. Loans with deferred payments, which only have to be paid when you move, sell, refinance
  3. Loans that are forgiven over a set number of years, and only need repaying if you move, sell, refinance
  4. Grants, which are essentially gifts that never have to be repaid

Why so many different programs and different rules?

All sorts of sources fund DPAs. Money might come from federal, state, city, county and charitable funds. And each of those is free to set its own eligibility criteria and rules.

Most down payment assistance programs are for first-time buyers, but don’t count yourself out if you’ve ever owned a home. The programs typically define a first-time buyer as one who hasn’t owned a home for the past three years.

Some local programs target certain groups, such as teachers, police officers, emergency responders or city employees, while others are open to qualified repeat buyers.

Vellum has the options to fit your unique financial story

Fixed Rate + Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

  • 3% Down Payment with NO Mortgage Insurance (MI)
  • 3.5%* Down Payment with Lower Credit Score
  • 101% Financing, NO Mortgage Insurance
  • Possible Financing Options Up to 105%
  • Active Duty or Veteran? 0% Financing, NO down payment
  • 100% Financing for Rural Housing

Bonus: With good income and credit, down payment can be 100% a gift.

Grants + Down Payment Assistance

Grants and Down Payment Assistance available up to $10,000 + 100% financing.

Contact us and let’s talk about which option works best for your financial story!

Source: The Mortgage Reports, Zillow, Virginia Housing Development Authority, Nerd Wallet

Vellum Mortgage, Inc I NMLS ID#: 1657323 ( This is an advertisement and not a guarantee of lending. Terms and Conditions apply. Credit requirements, LTV and CLTV minimums, DTI maximums and other restrictions apply. Subject to underwriting guidelines and approval. Programs are subject to change and not available in all states or counties. Standard fees apply. This product or service has not been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency, and this offer is not being made by an agency of the government.

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