Receive a Complimentary Mortgage Checkup

Over time, your financial and life situation will change. Therefore, having a mortgage checkup is a great way to ensure that your mortgage still aligns with your current goals, even if you didn’t get your original loan with Vellum.

What To Expect with a Mortgage Checkup

With a mortgage checkup, we take a deeper look at your mortgage and current financial situation. In addition, we make sure that the current structure maximizes your tax benefits. This, as a result, provides optimal cash-flow and best suits your financial future. Here are some things our Loan Officers will review, all at no cost to you:

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Benefits of Getting a Mortgage Checkup

  • Obtain better loan terms as well as eliminate mortgage insurance

  • Consolidate high interest loans

  • Leverage your growing home equity

  • Maximize your tax benefits

  • Free up cash for home improvement projects

  • Improve monthly cash flow & overall financial well-being

  • Above all, have peace of mind that you have the right loan for your current situation

Schedule Your Free Mortgage Checkup Today